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he Bagia Exclusive dominates the entrance of the village and rewards each visitor with its uninterrupted view of the three arched bridge "the kalogeriko" and also the gorge "vikaki". The hotel first operated in October 2008, it has been architecturally designed and built to suit local national treasure prerequisites emphasizing the use of local cable stone and natural wood and therefore enhancing the noble name " Mpagias", the original name of the village.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

Conference room

Conference room with the capacity to hold 70 people.

Together with our well trained staff we will organize your meeting, seminar or conference according to your requirements and wishes. We offer a selection of coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks for your coffee breaks as well as a buffet.

ζαγορι ξενοδοχεια - Bagia Exclusive

Restaurant & Bar

Χαλαρώστε και απολαύστε τη θέα στο τρίτοξο γεφύρι και το ποτάμι.

Για όλους μας τους πελάτες που θέλουν να χαλαρώσουν και να απολαύσουν το φαγητό και το ποτό τους, το Εστιατόριο Μπαρ του Bagia Exclusive είναι ανοιχτό από τις 10:00 π.μ. ως τη 1:00 π.μ. Οι φυσικοί τόνοι του ξύλου και τα έντονα χρώματα προσφέρουν ένα κλασσικά διακοσμημένο, ήρεμο περιβάλλον για όλους τους επισκέπτες. Θα βρείτε καφέδες, ροφήματα, ποτά και φαγητό, καθώς και ειδικά διαμορφωμένο μενού κατόπιν συνεννόησης.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

Check-in / Check-Out

Check-in time starts at 15:00 PM. and Check-out is until 11:00 p.m. Check-out times can be changed by prior arrangement with the reception.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

Online Reservation

You can make your reservation online directly from our hotel website. Take advantage of our offers and make your reservation today.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

24/7 Reception

Our staff is always happy to serve you and you will find it at the reception of our hotel which is open 24 hours a day.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

Loyalty Club

We consider our customers a family, which is why we created the Bagia Exclusive Loyalty Club. If you travel often, take advantage of the preferential prices for our members.

ξενοδοχειο ζαγορι - Bagia Exclusive

Living room with fireplace

Romance, warmth, tradition and fireplace burning in the Gardens of Zagori, wonderful view combined with dreamily at the peaks of Ziria.

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