Village Kipi or Mbagia in Zagori / Zagorochoria is abstains just 38 km from Ioannina city.


pagia is a Slavic word and means "bath". The village was called like that due to the impressive nature and the natural "pools" featured by the rivers around it. Mpagia or Kipi is the only village that is built amphitheatrically in a slope. So the travaller can admire all the region just with a glance.

δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive

Vikos Gorge

The Vikos Gorge is a schism in the earth that can have only been created by a divine hand. The narrowest section of the gorge is 1,100m wide and its depth reaches 900m. It is the realm of eagles, rare medicinal herbs and steep vertical rocks, beginning from the bridge of Kokoros and ending at the bridge of Aristi. Passing through it is an experience of a lifetime.
δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive

Megalo & Mikro Papingo

Nightime. Your footsteps echo in the cobblestone streets and the moonlight bathes Mt Astrakas, rising high above the villages of Megalo and Mikro Papingo. The light in the windows of the guest houses warms the cold darkness. The smell of burnt wood from the fireplace awakens childhood memories. You’re already dreaming of enchanting evenings in your stone villa, with a fireplace, flokati rug and comfortable bed.
δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive

The majestic ‘towers’ of Astrakas

The most magnificent mountain in the North Pindus range is Timfi. One of its peaks is Astrakas, with an altitude of 2,436m. South of the peak are huge horizontal rock formations, the famous ‘towers’, linking it with the Vikos Gorge. Only ‘awe’ can describe the feeling as you look up at Astrakas, especially during winter when snow decorates its slopes.
δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive

Dragon lake

This alpine lake of Drakolimni is stunningly beautiful. A mythical dragon lurks in its depths, perhaps a distant cousin of Scotland’s Loch Ness beastie! Sightings are limited these days, but don’t despair, there are many real drakakia (small dragons) that are actually microscopic amphibians called alpine newts. It’s perhaps the only trace we have of the Ice Age.

δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive


Make sure you seek out Kalogeriko, the most beautiful stone bridge in Greece. The fluid movement and harmonious lines of its three arches are what sets it apart from the rest. ‘A moving caterpillar’ is how the rhythmical movement of its three stringers has been described. It’s located just outside the village of Kipi and connects the banks of the Bagiotiko River.

δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive

Skala tou Vardetou

Perfectly in harmony with the landscape, elegant and built with exceptional artistry, Skala used to be the only way from Vradeto village to Kapesovo. Every step of the way, you’ll admire the tireless skill and patience of the craftsman who gave us this unique cobblestone trail.

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