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agori, geographically, is divided into three sections: the Central, West and East Zagori with twenty, ten and sixteen villages respectively. Today Zagorohoria maintains their cultural heritage in an effort to continue the traditions and customs of the region. The particular architecture, the traditional music, the natural beauty, the wild beauty of the mountains and rich flora and fauna of the region are those characteristics that distinguish it.

δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive


The relief of the area with its large mountainous volumes creates the ideal conditions for hiking any time of the year. There are infinite routes with a different level of difficulty that the visitor can follow. Small and big trails, old and new, cross the whole area, forming a system of trails offering many opportunities for small or big excursions.
δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive


At the headquarters of the Municipality, in Asprangeli, there is a modern shooting range. Under controlled conditions, it is the ideal place for practicing and improving shooting skills for competitive and non-competitive purposes.

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The term Rafting comes from the English word raft (= raft) and means descending a river in inflatable boat using paddles. The river's current is what determines the course, while the driver and the paddles are used for avoiding obstacles and for any emergency.

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Mountain Bike

Try rides with mountain bikes through forests, muddy paths and villages. Lanes may be varied according to difficulty level and during well. Everyone can participate if is able to ride a bike . It requires no special skills or experience. You can mountain bike all year long as the weather is good.

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Horse Riding

In the Pindos Mountains, in the rugged and off the beaten path mountains of Epirus, the "Horses of Pindos", which is a rare breed of horses, have always been considered a friend, a companion and a tool for people along their travelling and transportation.

δραστηριοτητες ζαγοροχωρια - Bagia Exclusive


Hiking - exploration. Paths, forest roads and paths for hiking and exploration rough areas with dense forests and small villages. A unique activity that leads to new adventures in unknown places while gives health. You will enjoy breathtakingly beautiful images that each participant can immortalize in his camera!

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